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Goddesses, Legends and Mythical Women

Goddesses and myths: images of the female divine in history. Early religions often used female images of deities.
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Hathor was the Egyptian goddess connected with love. She was depicted as cow goddess and wife of the sun god Re. The Temple of Hathor at Dendera still exists.

Enheduanna, Priestess of Inanna
Inanna's worship was made supreme over the other deities in King Sargon's Akkadian empire when his daughter became the priestess of Inanna's temple. Enheduanna is the first author and poet in the world that history knows by name.

Books About Famous Fictional Heroines
About's Guide to Classic Literature reviews books abut fictional women heroes, from Moll Flanders to Daisy Miller.

Adams first wife, a demon who threatened children? Find out what sources mention Lilith -- including a few mentions in the Hebrew scriptures -- and what people through the ages have made of her story.

Images of Women in Ancient Art
Chris Witcombe, Professor of Art History, Sweet Briar College in Virginia, has compiled a collection useful for academic study or just browsing for your own information. Goddesses and other female images from prehistory, Egypt, Greece, Palestine, and the Aegean are included.

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