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Top 6 Women Who Dare Books


The "Women Who Dare" series is published by Pomegranate Press in association with the Library of Congress. Each book includes many photographs and pictures of documents from the Library of Congress' extensive collections, with text by experts in the subject matter. Small hardcover books, these would make excellent last-minute gifts for someone in your life who is interested in how women have made an impact in history.

The sequence here is based on how well I connected with the different books, but they were all excellent, and you'll want to find the ones that connect with your own interests in women's history.

1. Women of the Suffrage Movement

Janice E. Ruth and Evelyn Sinclair
The struggle over many decades to win the vote for women is brought to life in this small volume with photos, documents, historical cartoons, and accompanying text. The authors have made a special effort to highlight the suffragists as human beings with families and friends, as well as political activists.
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2. Women of the Civil War

Michelle A. Krowl
A picture really is worth a thousand words, and the photos and other images in this volume helps to cover a lot of history. Women soldiers, women spies, women in the medical field, and women writers who helped propagandize for their side are highlighted in this volume.
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3. Women of the Civil Rights Movement

Linda Barrett Osborne
Histories of the American civil rights movement don't always recognize the key roles that many women played, so this volume helps to round out that history. With photos, text, documents, and more, the book really makes these women come alive.
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4. Eleanor Roosevelt

Anjelina Michelle Keating
This mini-biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, richly illustrated with photographs and other images of ER and her times, is an intimate portrait of the transitions she made through her life. She was initially shy, reserved, and traditional -- she says she initially became a feminist mostly to support her husband -- but she grew into an accomplished speaker who helped her husband's political career. After his death, she publicly carried on the battle for human rights.
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5. Helen Keller

Aimee Hess
Helen Keller's accomplishments have inspired generations of women and men. Struck deaf and blind in early childhood, she learned to understand words under the creative care of "Teacher" Anne Sullivan Macy. Keller went on to graduate from Radcliffe College, a premier college for women. Less well known were Keller's political views, including her role as one of the founders of the American Civil Liberties Union. The images, as with the other volumes in this series, add to the sense of connection with an amazing woman.
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6. Amelia Earhart

Susan Reyburn
In the decades between the first and second waves of feminism in America, Amelia Earhart was a heroine and role model for many women and girls. This volume in the Women Who Dare series is a well-illustrated biography of Earhart which does not neglect her aviation career, but also shows a well-rounded woman in other aspects of her too-short life. The photographs, images of documents and posters, and the text work well together to help the reader understand this American heroine.
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