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First Ladies Picture Gallery

Pictures, portraits, and photographs of America's First Ladies


Here's a growing gallery of pictures of First Ladies of the United States: wives of the Presidents and sometimes daughters, nieces, or others who served as White House hostesses.
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Picture of First Lady Martha Washington, wife of President George WashingtonMartha WashingtonA portrait of First Lady Abigail Adams, wife of President John AdamsAbigail AdamsMartha Jefferson (1748-1782)Martha JeffersonMartha Jefferson Randolph, also known as Patsy, in an 1881 engraving by J. Serz.Martha Jefferson Randolph
First Lady Dolley MadisonDolley MadisonFirst Lady Louisa AdamsLouisa AdamsHannah Van BurenHannah Van BurenRachel JacksonRachel Jackson
Anna HarrisonAnna HarrisonSarah PolkSarah PolkAbigail FillmoreAbigail FillmoreJane PierceJane Pierce
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