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The First Issue of Ms.

The Debut of Feminism's Famous Magazine


The first full-length issue of Ms. magazine was the Spring 1972 issue. Ms. went on to become a widely read publication, practically synonymous with feminism and the Women’s Liberation Movement. What was in that premiere issue of Ms.? Some of the most famous articles are still widely read and even used in Women’s Studies classes. Here are a few of the best-remembered pieces.

1. The Cover

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The cover of the first issue of Ms. featured a woman handling more tasks than would be physically possible.

2. Welfare is a Women's Issue

An essay by Johnnie Tillmon, who drew attention to welfare as a valid concern of feminism.

3. Rating the Candidates

A study of the 1972 presidential candidates’ positions on women’s issues.

4. I Want a Wife

Judy (Syfers) Brady's satire made some very serious points about relegating women to the role of “housewife.”

5. We Have Had Abortions

A declaration signed by more than fifty prominent women.

6. De-Sexing the English Language

Casey Miller and Kate Swift looked at how sex bias is revealed by pronouns and other vocabulary choices.

7. The Housewife's Moment of Truth

Jane O’Reilly's essay popularized the idea of a “click!” moment of feminist awakening.

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