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'The Wanderground'

Utopia of Female Energy and Spirituality


The Wanderground: Stories of the Hill Women is a work of fiction in which women abandon the cities to go thrive without men. Sally Miller Gearhart’s feminist utopia, published in 1978, consists of interconnected tales of women who live in nature, away from cities and apart from men.

The women of The Wanderground have fled a society where harsh rules are imposed on women, including:

  • No more pants, only skirts and hose
  • A 10 o'clock curfew
  • No socializing on breaks at work
  • Recreational softball games have been cancelled

The outlaw women who fled those cities now live among women and love other women. Together, the women of The Wanderground have evolved into something beyond humanity. They can fly, communicate telepathically, communicate with nature and reproduce without men.

Sally Miller Gearhart's book weaves together interconnected tales with a New Age mood that accepts the connectedness of women to nature. The Wanderground questions why men, too, do not reject the violence and oppression of industrial patriarchal society. The men in the book who understand that women are Earth’s only hope are called “Gentles.”

Sally Miller Gearhart’s tale invokes a vision from which men and women can learn to be a positive force in redirecting or recreating society.

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