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Women's Liberation Groups

A Few Significant Women's Groups of the 1960s and 1970s


Women’s liberation groups of the 1960s and 1970s fought for equal rights and raised consciousness. They lobbied, protested, developed feminist theory and changed women’s lives. Many U.S. women’s liberation groups formed spontaneously and were short-lived, gaining national attention through a few bold protests. Some wanted to work within the mainstream system for social change, with liberal feminist groups such as NOW. Other feminists were concerned with wholly changing patriarchal society, from its roots, giving rise to radical feminism.

Here are some women's liberation groups from the 1960s and 1970s:

New York Radical Women

Women's Liberation Demonstration
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NYRW included prominent feminists such as Shulamith Firestone, Carol Hanisch and Robin Morgan.

Redstockings (New York)

The name was a revolutionary twist on "bluestocking," a label often given to 18th and 19th century intellectual feminist women.

Bread and Roses (Boston)

Bread and Roses had more of a socialist feminist perspective.

Female Liberation (Boston)

Female Liberation launched the feminist publication No More Fun and Games.

Chicago Women's Liberation Union

The CWLU was a citywide organization and one of the earliest women's liberation groups.

Womanhouse (Los Angeles)

Womanhouse was simultaneously an experiment, a physical place and a group of women who collaborated on their feminist art project/political statement.

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