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Female Pirates

Women pirates from ancient to modern times: often their stories have been exaggerated or fictionalized, but they've fascinated the public for centuries. Find resources for learning more about women in piracy and privateering.

Mary Read, Pirate
Mary Read's brief career as a pirate was sensationalized in a book published shortly after her capture and death.

Daughter of Alfred the Great, she led the Mercian Army and helped build Mercia's defenses against the Danish invaders.

About Artemisia
In the 5th century B.C.E., this queen of Halicarnassus helped Xerxes against the Greeks, then helped talk Xerxes out of pursuing his conquest of Greece. Biography from your About Guide to Women's History.

Anne Bonny
A history -- or story -- of the woman named Anne Bonny, sentenced as a pirate.

A Few Female Pirates
A list of women pirates and privateers from early history to the late 20th century.

Historical Female Pirates
An informal page documenting some of the best-known women pirates in history. Includes Anne Bonney, Mary Read, Grace O'Malley, Alvida, Ching Shih, Charlotte de Berry, Rachel Wall, Jane de Belleville, and some women pirates in fiction.

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