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Fashion History - 20th Century

History of women's fashions, and how fashions have influenced the lives of women in different periods. Historical costumes, essays and more.
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  3. Women's Fashion
  4. Women's Lives: 20th Century

Books on Body Image and Women's History
How women view and value their bodies has changed over time. These books examine the history of body image and how culture shapes ideas of women's beauty -- useful perspective in dealing with body image and self-esteem issues among girls and women today. There are other good books on body image and beauty culture today from a personal perspective; these books include the best historical analysis.

Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel's designs helped define the 1920s and the 1950s. A short biography of Chanel plus links to many Net resources for even more information and photographs.

Helena Rubinstein
Helena Rubinstein founded and ran a worldwide cosmetics empire.

Diane von Furstenberg
Diane von Furstenberg is known for her iconic wrap dress, famous in the 1970s and returning in the 1990s. She is not only a fashion designer, but a successful business executive.

Diane von Furstenberg Quotes
Quotes on work, marriage and women's lives, from the fashion designer and executive Diane von Furstenberg.

Frederick's of Hollywood Lingerie Museum
The lingerie of stars, including a Madonna bustier, the bra Tony Curtis wore in Some Like It Hot, and much more. From Betsy Malloy, About's California for Visitors Guide.

Fighting the Corsetless Evil
From 1900 to 1930, fashion and politics came together as women and men debated the way women dressed and how that might affect women's behavior and women's role.

First Lady Grace Coolidge's evening dress
A red 1920s flapper-style dress is part of the Smithsonian's collection.

Lauder, Estée
"Time 100" tribute honors this beauty entrepreneur with a biography and timeline.

Miss America
On this companion website to a PBS film, you'll find a timeline, maps, info on people, events, and the film, and a teacher's guide. There's also a video (requires Flash) showing how American women's fashions have changed since the beginning of the pageant.

State of the Union? A Dress Says a Lot
Claudia Kidwell, costume curator for the National Museum of American History, Washington, reflects on the style of inauguration dresses of the First Ladies, including the political and fashion messages they've communicated.

You Had to Be There
NY Times Magazine honors women and the millennium with a fashion show covering nearly 1000 years of women's clothing.

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