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British Women

British women's history: notable women. Biographies and other information on individual English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish women in history.
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Biographies of British Women
A list of biographies on this site of women in British history, including England, Scotland and Wales.

Women Rulers of England and Great Britain
Because England and Great Britain used primogeniture -- preferred inheritance by the eldest male child -- for passing titles, few women have ruled in their own right. But a few without living older brothers did manage to become queen. Here's the list of those rare women.

Diane Abbott
A profile of Diane Abbott, first woman of African descent elected to the British Parliament.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Sister of suffrage activist Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was the first woman physician in Great Britain. She overcame much opposition to win her license.

Queen of the Brigantes, she signed a peace treaty with the invading Romans, and ruled as a client of Rome. Then she dumped her husband, and even Rome couldn't keep her in power -- and they ultimately took direct control, so her ex didn't win, either.

A description of the character Cordelia, whose role in King Lear reflects gender roles of the era.

About Queen Elizabeth I of England
Queen in her own right, succeeding her sister Mary and brother Edward and father King Henry VIII. She reigned England during an exciting period of world history.

Millicent Garrett Fawcett
A biography of Millicent Garrett Fawcett, British women's suffrage activist, known for her constitutional approach -- more peaceful and rational than the confrontational style of the Pankhursts.

Elizabeth Fry
Profile of Elizabeth Fry, reformer of women's prisons, mental asylums, and founder of soup kitchens and homes for the homeless.

Lady Godiva
Profile of Lady Godiva, known to history for her ride through Coventry.

Margery Kempe
Margery Kempe biography - a profile of medieval mystic and author Margery Kempe of England, who wrote an autobiography.

Princess Louise, daughter of Edward VII, was part of the royal line of succession. She married the Duke of Fife and had two surviving daughters.

Elen Luyddog - Helen of the Hosts
A shadowy legendary figure, the stories say she was a Celtic princess married to a Roman soldier who became the Western Emperor. When he was executed after failing to invade Italy, she returned to Britain, where she helped bring Christianity and inspired the building of many roads.

Mary of Modena
Biographical sketch of Mary of Modena, second wife of James II of England and mother of his son James the Old Pretender.

Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich biography - a profile of a medieval British saint and religious recluse who published her revelations.

Sarah Siddons
Sarah Siddons, a member of the Kemble theater family, was one of the most famous women of her day.

Hannah Snell
In the 18th century, Hannah Snell disguised herself as a man and ended up serving in the army and the marines.

Queen Victoria
On this site: a biography of Queen Victoria by your Women's History Guide, including links to classic biographies and other resources on this site. Also includes links to Queen Victoria resources elsewhere on the Net.

Joan of Acre
Joan of Acre biography - a profile of Joan of Acre, daughter of King Edward I of England and his wife Eleanor of Castile, who made a second marriage herself despite protocol and expectations.

British Queens
Women who held the title of queen, either in their own right (rare) or by marriage.

Stuart Queens
Stuart queens lived in precarious times. Some were never crowned as queen consort because they were Roman Catholic. With one king executed and another deposed and exiled, their queenship had short tenure. Lack of male heirs also led to succession crises.

Princess Kate? Duchess Catherine?
What do we call her, the wife of Prince William? What's her actual title?

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