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Empress Matilda (Empress Maud), Lady of the English

About the Empress Matilda, or Maud, who tried to take the crown of England to which she had been named by her father before his death.

Empress Matilda (Maud)
Biography of Matilda of England, designated as her father's heir for the crown of England but displaced by her cousin Stephen, with whom she fought a protracted war to try to regain her position.

Timeline - Empress Matilda - Empress Maud - Lady of the English
Timeline for the life of the Empress Matilda (also known as Maud): part one covers 1101 to 1147.

Queen or Empress? What Title Did Matilda/Maud Use?
Matilda (Maud) attempted to take the crown of England, to which she'd been named by her father. What titles did she actually use for her self?

Matilda or Maud? A Comment on Names
Empress Matilda or Empress Maud? Queen Matilda or Queen Maud? What's the right name?

Books About Empress Maud (Empress Matilda), Lady of England
Books about the fascinating would-be queen of England, the Empress Matilda or Maud.

Empress Matilda with Matilda of Boulogne
An artist's conception of the Empress Matilda hearing the plea of Matilda of Boulogne for the life of her husband, Stephen of Blois, who was captive of the Empress in the battle between the Empress and Stephen for the crown of England.

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