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Admonition to Parliament




Importance of the Admonition to Parliament:

A manifesto of the Puritans during Queen Elizabeth's reign; her reaction helped shape the future of the Church of England.

About the Admonition to Parliament:

The Admonition to Parliament was a demand, in the form of a manifesto in 1572, written by clergymen John Field and Thomas Wilcox, for a restoration of the "purity" of worship in the Church of England.

Coming out of the movement known as the Puritans, led by Presbyterians, the Admonition advocated reliance on scriptural authority, elimination of elements of Roman Catholic worship, and the replacing of church governance by bishops with governance by ministers and elders.

The authors of the Admonition were imprisoned by Elizabeth, and the church rigorously enforced Elizabeth's 1559 Act of Uniformity, removing or imprisoning clergy who did not comply with worship forms required by the Act of Uniformity.

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