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Early America: Colonial - Revolutionary

Notable women and women's contributions and roles in colonial and early America.
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Anne Hutchinson Quotes
Quotes by Anne Hutchinson - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Books on Women During and After the American Revolution
Women's lives began to change with the American Revolution. Every war means more women taking charge during the absence and after the deaths of husbands and fathers. After the war, talk of rights raised issues of women's rights and education. Read about some individual women whose voices were heard and about the lives of other women whose...

Books on Women of Colonial America
A few women in colonial America told their own stories in letterbooks, journals, diaries and other writings. But few diaries exist, so other sources are often essential to understanding women's lives before the American Revolution -- especially more ordinary women.

Women and Work in Early America
Before the Industrial Revolution, women worked at home and in many trades. The textile mills hired women and children, because they would work for lower pay than men would.

Anne Bradstreet
A biography of Anne Bradstreet, America's first published poet whose writings allow insight into the experience of the early Puritans in New England. Also: Anne Bradstreet quotes and a look at About Anne Bradstreet's Poetry.

Virginia Dare
Virginia Dare biography - a profile of the first English child born in the New World.

Mary Dyer
Mary Dyer, an associate of Roger Williams of Rhode Island, was arrested several times for preaching Quakerism, and in 1660 was hanged for violating anti-Quaker laws in Massachusetts.

Anne Hutchinson
Anne Hutchinson biography - profile of early American religious dissident who challenged church authority and was banished from Massachusetts.

Alice Morse Earle
A profile of Alice Morse Earle, whose writings on colonial life and the Puritans focus on domestic life and foreshadow the discipline of women's history.

Anne Hutchinson Quotes
Quotes by Anne Hutchinson - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Women Captives and Indian Captivity Narratives
A genre of American literature has been the Indian captivity narrative. In these stories, it's usually women who are kidnapped and held captive by American Indians. And the women who are taken captive are white women -- women of European descent.

American Women in War and Peace
Women in the Revolutionary War: Deborah Samson, Anne Bailey, and others.

Mercy Otis Warren on the American Revolution
A collection of writings by Mercy Warren, American writer of the late 18th and early 19th century, who documented history of the American Revolutionary War and its key figures.

The Midwife's Tale/Martha Ballard's Words
Excerpts from the diary of midwife Martha Ballard, from a PBS site that also includes audio, teacher's guide, and the American historical context of Ballard's life.

Pathfinder: Revolutionary Women
Bibliography on women and the American revolution, part of a larger guide from the National Archives.

Unruly Women
Two women who flouted convention and dressed like men: Jemima Wilkinson to preach a Quaker-like social gospel, and Deborah Sampson Gannett to fight in the American Revolution.

Was This Her House?
Documents the 'detective work' by which the house where Betsy Ross lived and worked was identified.

Women in America
Travelers to America in 1820-1842 describe their observations on women's lives, status and roles.

Women on the Mayflower
An essay detailing the hard life of the eighteen women who came to America on the Mayflower. Site also includes: Girls on the Mayflower.

Colonial Women at Work
American colonial women were part of the economic unit of the family, producing necessities at home that would later be produced by factories.

Women and Finance in the Early National U.S.
An extensive survey by Robert E. Wright, U. of Virginia, on women as business owners, loan recipients, investors or otherwise involved in financial issues and the workforce in the United States in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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