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Dorothea Lange

Photographer Dorothea Lange chronicled the 20th century in her extraordinary images of ordinary people in ordinary situations.

Dorothea Lange
Dorothea Lange biography - a profile of Dorothea Lange, photographer of the 20th century, known for her iconic images of the Great Depression

The Great Depression - Women in History Pictures
In this iconic image of the Great Depression, Dorothea Lang depicts a migrant farmworker in California in March, 1936. The image is known as Migrant Mother.

About Dorothea Lange
The University California at Berkeley documents the life of Dorothea Lange and honors her with a fellowship.

Dorothea Lange
Part of the Library of Congress Women Come to the Front exhibit, this article focuses on Dorothea Lange's photographs during World War II.

Dorothea Lange - Forced Internment of San Francisco Japanese - 1942
A selection of Dorothea Lange's photographs of the relocation of the Japanese in the US during World War II accompanies text about her work with migrant workers, farm families, and the relocated Japanese.

The Migrant Mother Sequence
One of Dorothea Lange's best known photographs is theimage known as The Migrant Mother. Here, we see a series of photographs taken at the same time, illustrating the process of selection which Lange used to come up with the memorable Depression image.

Migrant Workers, 1937
Dorothea Lange's images of migrant workers in California in 1937, part of an article about Lange's work during the Great Depression.

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