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Women in Dance

Women dancers: ballet, modern and other genres. Choreographers and performers are included.
  1. Josephine Baker (8)
  2. Martha Graham (4)

Biographies: Women of Dance
A list of biographies of women dancers and choreographers, many on this site.

Josephine Baker
She began dancing in vaudeville and jazz revues in the 1920s. Her exotic dancing took her to France. Later in life, financial difficulties and continuing racism plagued her, though she had a successful comeback just before her death.

Isadora Duncan
Isadora Duncan brought modern dance to the world, living (and dying) with personal tragedy.

Fanny Elssler
Profile of Fanny Fanny Elssler, ballerina.

Martha Graham
Dancer and choreographer best known as a leader of the modern dance (expressionist) movement, expressing emotion through dance. A biography and links for more information on the Net.

Jill Johnston Quotes
Quotes by Jill Johnston - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Anna Pavlova
A delicate Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova's classical style won acclaim worldwide.

Anna Pavlova - Two Swans
Photograph of Anna Pavlova, known for her role as a swan, with another swan, at her home in London in 1927.

Maria Tallchief
Maria Tallchief, a Native American ballet dancer, achieved a number of firsts as an American ballerina.

Maria Tallchief Picture Gallery
Native American ballet dancer Maria Tallchief is shown in pictures.

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