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Curriculum Resources: lesson plans and assistance with ideas and methods in teaching women's history from elementary school through middle school and high school or for rounding out a homeschooling curriculum.
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Women's History Videos
Video presentations on women's history -- biographies of famous feminists and historical women, plus events and trends. There's a variety here in time and place, useful in classes, for personal enlightenment, or for discussion groups.

All American Girl
Using the American Girl historical novels to teach women's history and American history in the middle school. Excellent bibliographies, too.

American Girls Through Time and Trial
Study of girls in American history, for middle school study, especially in the inner city. Good reading lists for children and general info too.

American Women's History in 10 Weeks
A discussion thread from a women's studies email list, on what to cover in a 10-week overview course.

Cultural Change
A lesson to think about how the women's rights movement rewrote and rethought its goals between the 1848 Delcaration of Sentiments, at Seneca Falls, New York, and later woman suffrage arguments.

Fly Girls - Teacher's Guide
Part of an online feature at PBS accompanying a film, this unit focuses on the women of the WASPS in World War II.

History in Quilts
Women's role was often in the home, and making quilts was a homemaker's art form. This unit examines how quilts reflected cultural history, and thus examines the complex role of women in history.

Remember the Ladies: The First Ladies
Influential on the political history of their day, but indirectly, first ladies provide an interesting case study to look at the way women wielded power even within roles that supposedly restricted them to the private sphere.

Scripting the Past: Exploring Women's History Through Film
Using print biographies and autobiographies of some key women -- ordinary and famous -- in history, this unit helps students visualize their lives and the social and cultural history of their times to a film treatment, considering some key issues in history as they work.

Stories in Quilt
This lesson plan uses story quilts to examine how traditions and history are passed along through the handicrafts of women.

Teaching Women's History with the Web
A discussion thread from a women's studies email list, on how to use the web in teaching women's history.

A Very American Journey
Teaching women's history through dramatizing six lives: Phillis Wheatley, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Sacagawea (Sacajawea), Catherine Haun, and Ethel Waxham.

Women in the White House
This lesson plan looks at recent First Ladies and examines their impact on American political issues: what issues she was concerned with and what influence she wielded. Students interview family members for their opinions on the impact of the former First Ladies, and also consider gender issues by thinking about what a male "First Lady" equivalent might be like.

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