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Criminals & Notorious Women

Women criminals - infamous and famous women suspected or convicted of crime through history. Includes Lizzie Bordon, Mary Surratt and others.
  1. Ann Putnam
  2. Female Spies
  3. Leni Riefenstahl
  4. Margaret Sanger
  5. The Pankhursts
  6. Female Pirates (6)
  7. Prostitutes (8)

Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn, queen of England, second wife of Henry VIII, and mother of Queen Elizabeth I, resisted Henry's advances for years while he obtained a divorce -- but her marriage didn't last long when she did not give Henry the son he wanted.

Lizzie Borden
A biography of Lizzie Borden, accused (and acquitted) murderer of her father and stepmother.

Lucrezia Borgia
Did Lucrezia Borgia deserve her scandalous reputation? Was she really a poisoner and plotter? Read the facts as history understands them.

Elena Ceausescu
A summary of the biography of Elena Ceausescu, an influence on her husband, the dictator of Romania until their execution in 1989.

Charlotte Corday
Charlotte Corday biography - a biography of Charlotte Corday, figure in the French Revolution

Jane Fonda in North Vietnam - Myths of Women's History
Yes, she went to North Vietnam and denounced the United States presence in Vietnam - but no, she didn't directly turn in POWs and cause their deaths.

Emma Goldman
Emma Goldman, anarchist and socialist, was harasssed by the law and convicted in 1893 for inciting to riot.

Catherine Howard
Catherine Howard biography - profile of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII of England, beheaded for adultery and concealing her previous sexual history from Henry.

Trained by her mother Theodora to be a major player in papal politics, she was allegedly the mistress of one Pope, mother of another and grandmother of yet another.

Aimee Semple McPherson
An evangelical missionary preacher, with America and its sinners as her mission field -- when she disappeared in 1926, was she really hiding away in a "love nest" with a man on her radio station's staff, or was she kidnapped? Was she a hypocrite or was she a victim of the media and of those who couldn't stand a woman with such power in a position normally closed to women?

Bonnie Parker
Bonnie Parker biography - profile of Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde fame, bank robber during the Great Depression.

In the New Testament she's famous for asking for the head of St. John the Baptist -- and she's also been a favorite subject for artists, her depiction reflecting the fantasies of each time. Find a brief biography of Salome with notes about many of the depictions in art -- with links.

Mary Surratt
The first woman to get the death sentence from the U.S. government, Mary Surratt was convicted of being part of the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. Was the conviction fair or not?

Iva Ikuko Toguri d'Aquino - Convicted as Tokyo Rose
Convicted of treason for propaganda broadcasts during World War II (only the 7th American ever convicted of treason), she was later pardoned amidst a public campaign to exonerate her. POWs working with her in Japan during the war tell the story of her subtle undermining of the Japanese efforts.

Julia Agrippina the Younger
She was believed to have been involved in an incestuous relationship with her brother, the emperor Caligula. Later, she was accused of murdering her husband, the emperor Claudius, after getting him to adopt her son Nero as his heir.

Infamous for promiscuity, perhaps even with her brother, Clodia was the subject of love poems by Catullus. Her break-up with Caelius resulted in accusations and counter-accusations, with Cicero defending Caelius.

Medea - Poisonous Mother
The worst of mothers? Medea sided with the Argonauts in capturing the Golden Fleece, herself escaping with Jason and living with him, bearing his children. But when he abandoned her for another wife, she took terrible revenge.

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