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Women and the Holocaust, Concentration Camps of World War II

Women victims of the Holocaust including women in the Nazi concentration camps of World War II - from Anne Frank to many whose names are forgotten. How did gender influence one's fate with the Nazis and in the camps?
  1. Anne Frank
  2. Women in World War II
  3. Jewish Women

Women and World War II: Concentration Camps
Gender issues related to the Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust

Faith, Friendship, Art and Education
Even in the concentration camps, women struggled to keep life worth living.

A Feminist Critique of the Holocaust?
Are women's experiences in the holocaust adequately studied by Holocaust scholars?

Holocaust Women's Rape Breaks Decades of Taboo
Some 70 years after the Holocaust, a long silence about women who were were sexually abused is being broken with a ground-breaking scholarly work.

Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project
Irena Sendler was a rescuer of Jewish children during World War II. "Life in a Jar" is a play about her efforts.

Violette Szabo
A rich and deep site on Violette Szabo, a British woman with half French heritage who volunteered during World War II. She parachuted into France twice, and, after she lost a gun battle with the Germans, she was sent to Ravensbrück where, in 1945, she was executed.

Women, Modernity and the Holocaust
A strong suggestion that "gender is not merely a sidebar issue in the counting of the dead."

Women Writing the Holocaust
An analysis of gender issues in Holocaust narratives.

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