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Eileen Collins - Space Shuttle Commander

Eileen Collins was the first woman to command a space shuttle. Born in 1956, Eileen Collins was selected by NASA for their astronaut training program in 1990 and first flew in 1995. In 1999, on STS-93 on the Columbia space shuttle, Eileen Collins became the first woman space shuttle commander.

Eileen Marie Collins
NASA astronaut since 1991 and first woman pilot of a Space Shuttle: Eileen Collins on a 1995 mission docked with Russian space station Mir; in 1997 her second mission also docked with Mir. She was the first woman space shuttle commander.

One giant leap for womankind
CNN 7/22/99: Eileen Collins makes history by commanding the latest space shuttle.

Preflight Interview: Eileen M. Collins
Eileen Collins answers questions about her life, her heroes, her role as a pioneer in aviation and issues with her then-upcoming shuttle flight.

Thunderstorms Prevent Columbia From Launching, Again
An article from the July 22, 1999, New York Times, about the delay in launching the shuttle flight that would make Eileen Collins the first woman to command an American space mission.

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