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Belle Boyd



May 9, 1844 - June 11, 1900

Known for:

Confederate spy in the American Civil War

Also known as:

Maria Isabella Boyd, Isabelle Boyd

About Belle Boyd:

Living in Martinsburg, Virginia, Belle Boyd passed information on Union army activities in the Shenandoah area to General T. J. Jackson (Stonewall Jackson). Belle Boyd was captured and imprisoned -- and released. Belle Boyd then went to England, followed by a Union officer, Capt. Samuel Hardinge, who had guarded her after an earlier capture. She married him, then in 1866 when he died, leaving her with a small daughter to support, she became an actress.

Belle Boyd later married John Swainston Hammond and moved to California, where she gave birth to a son. Fighting mental illness, she moved with Hammond to the Baltimore area, had three more sons. The family moved to Dallas, Texas, and she divorced Hammond and married a young actor, Nathaniel Rue High. In 1886 they moved to Ohio and Belle Boyd began to appear on stage in a Confederate uniform to talk about her time as a spy.

Belle Boyd died in Wisconsin, where she is buried.

Her book, Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison, is an embellished version of her exploits as a spy in the American Civil War.

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