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Faye Wattleton


Faye Wattleton Facts:

Dates: July 8, 1943 -
Occupation: nurse, administrator
Known for: first African American and youngest president of Planned Parenthood, 1978 to 1992.
Also Known as: Alyce Faye Wattleton

Faye Wattleton Education:

Faye Wattleton was awarded the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from The Ohio State University, 1964. She later earned a Master of Science degree in maternal and infant care, with certification as a nurse-midwife, from Columbia University. She's also been awarded many honorary doctorate degrees.

Early Career:

Faye Wattleton began her career teaching nurses about obstetrics, labor, and delivery. In her work as a nurse, she saw the suffering of women from botched illegal abortions.

Faye Wattleton at Planned Parenthood:

Faye Wattleton was President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 1978 to 1992. Faye Wattleton was the youngest person and first African American appointed to that position in the organization's history, and the second woman to hold the office (founder Margaret Sanger was the first). During her term in office, the organization considerably expanded its services, and became publicly visible in working for women's reproductive rights.

Center for the Advancement of Women:

After Faye Wattleton resigned from Planned Parenthood in 1992, she hosted a talk show and then helped to found the Center for Gender Equality which became the Center for the Advancement of Women. Faye Wattleton serves as president of that organization.

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