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About Women: Biographies of Notable Women

Biographies of famous women, and some not-so-famous, with links to etexts, more resources and a calendar.
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About Notable Women
A growing collection of biographies, often with links to Net resources, original articles, and quotations. Full alphabetical index.

About African American Women
Growing collection of biographies of famous women in black history, often with links to more information, quotations, and related articles. From early America and slavery to the late 20th century, including the Harlem Renaissance and the civil rights movement.

Famous Women Scientists

British and American polls say that few people can name even one famous woman scientist.  Here are some women in the sciences including medicine and mathematics.  You may recognize some of these famous women scientists; others may be new to you and worth further exploring.

Top 100 Women of History on the Net
Who are the most popular 100 historical women on the Internet - the top 100 as measured by Net searches for each one?

100 Most Important Women in World History
Who were the women who influenced history the most? Here are some suggestions, and room for you to identify a few more.

Readers Respond: 100 Most Important Women in World History
Listing the most important women who have contributed to the world's history.

Humorous Biographies
A collection of short and humorous biographies of then-famous women, from a 1910ish male point of view. Some may amuse you, some may outrage you. Take with a grain of salt.

Biographies of Women - Recommended Books
For many people, biographies are their main access to issues with which women's history is concerned, including how women lived their lives, how being female affected their lives and how they accepted or rebelled against expected roles. Your Women's History Guide recommends ten recent biographies.

Notable Women Who Died in 2006
Notable women who died in 2006: obituaries of women who died in 2006.

Notable Women Who Died in 2005 - Obituaries 2005
Here's a list of some of the notable women whose lives ended in 2005 -- famous and not so famous, with links to biographies and obituaries.

Notable Women Who Died in 2003 - Obituaries 2003
A list of some of the notable women who died in 2003.

Supplying the Bricks of History: Writing Women's Lives
Review of a book that helps women write their life stories for personal development and for use in historical research.

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