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Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter started drawing in her childhood, and her drawings and text in the Peter Rabbit books still charm children. Find biographies of Beatrix Potter, some of her writings and illustrations, and information about research and travel sites connected with Beatrix Potter.

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Beatrix Potter
Biography of Beatrix Potter, including how her Peter Rabbit story was created, and what she did before and after her career as an illustrator and children's story writer.

Beatrix Potter Bibliography
Find books written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, plus other works by and about this British woman writer.

Aesthetic Realism and Beatrix Potter's 'Peter Rabbit'
Fantasy and realism meet in the work of Beatrix Potter - this serious essay about Beatrix Potter's art includes some illustrations of her early work as well as some more famous illustrations.

(Helen) Beatrix Potter
A biography of Beatrix Potter, emphasizing her work as a writer.

The Beatrix Potter Connexion
The Stalybridge Unitarian Church provides some information on the religious upbringing and background of Beatrix Potter.

Beatrix Potter Society
Information about the Beatrix Potter Society, including some illustrations and information about Potter's publication and art, plus information for tourists and travelers about Beatrix Potter sites to visit.

Blanchett to Play Beatrix Potter
BBC News in May, 2003, announced a film to be made of the life of Beatrix Potter, with Cate Blanchett in the title role.

Helen Beatrix Potter
A short biography of Beatrix Potter, with some emphasis on her work with spores and the story of the decoding of her journal.

Kids' Corner
Audio, text, and slide show versions of Beatrix Potter's works, including some readings in Japanese, French, and German alongside the original English.

Potter's Peter in Rabbit Rethink
BBC News announces, in July 2001, that Penguin Books has redrawn the beloved Beatrix Potter characters in books targeted at nursery school children.

A Tribute to Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter's maternal grandparents bought Gorse Hall -- find more details about Beatrix Potter's visits to the house including some entries from her journal.

The World of Peter Rabbit
An official Web site for the Peter Rabbit and related books by Beatrix Potter. Note the terms and conditions for using graphics and other content from this site.

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