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Women and Basketball

History of women in basketball, including professional women's basketball.
  1. Babe Didrikson Zaharias

History of Women's Basketball in America
The history of women's basketball is as old as the history of basketball -- here's a timeline to see the long path of women's achievements in basketball.

Top Women in Basketball History
Find top women who've had an impact in basketball history, from the 1890s through the present.

Lynette Woodard
Lynette Woodard biography - a profile of Lynette Woodard, women/'s basketball pioneer.

Lynette Woodard Image Gallery
Images of Lynette Woodard, women's basketball star and pioneer.

Sheryl Swoopes Comes Out
About.com's guide to Lesbian Life has the scoop on the announcement by the WNBA Most Valuable Player, Sheryl Swoopes.

The All-American Redheads 1936-1986
Pictures and text tell the story of the women's traveling basketball team, the Red Heads.

The Edmonton Grads
Beginning as a high school team in Alberta, Canada, in 1914, the Grads continued as a team.

History of the WNBA
An official history of the Women's National Basketball Association, which began playing in 1997.

Rebecca Lobo
A member of the women's "Dream Team" in basketball at the 1996 Olympics, Rebecca Lobo, born in Connecticut of Hispanic heritage, was a college and professional (WNBA) basketball star.

Machine Gun Molly: WBL Legend
Illustrated article about Molly Bolin Kazmer, first woman who signed a contract in the first Women's Professional Basketball League.

WNBA Official Site
Current news of the Women's National Basketball Association.

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