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Clara Barton

Clara Barton, Civil War nurse and founder of the American Red Cross.
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Clara Barton
Clara Barton biography: profile of Clara Barton, including her famed Civil War service organizing nursing services and supplies, and her work to found the American Red Cross.

Clara Barton Quotes
Quotes by Clara Barton, on her life, work, religion and more..

Clara Barton Photo Gallery
Pictures of Clara Barton, nursing history pioneer and founder of the American Red Cross.

Clara Barton Home - National Historic Site
Photo Gallery of pictures of Clara Barton's home in Glen Echo, Maryland, a National Historic Site. It was also the home of the American Red Cross at the end of the 19th century.

Clara Barton - Civil War Photograph
Image of Clara Barton, at the time of the Civil War - a period reproduction of a tintype.

Sanitary Commission (USSC)
A profile of the United States Sanitary Commission, founded in 1861, which helped promote health in the Union Army Camps, provide supplies, and raise money for the Union effort.

Ten Notable Women of Virginia
Clara Barton is included for her nursing ventures in the Virginia theater during the Civil War.

The Women Who Went to the Field
Barton wrote this poem long after the Civil War to honor the women who served in that war. "What did they go for?" Includes some questions for discussing the role of women in the Civil War.

Clara Barton
From the Library of Congress, a summary of Clara Barton's life and work, plus two photographs available for downloading. Part of a collection of articles and resources on the Spanish-American War.

Clara Barton's House
"Home of the American Red Cross." One of a series of teaching plans for studying history based on national historic sites. Includes background history, map, visual images, readings, suggested activities and supplementary resources (online and off).

Clara Barton in Dansville
A description of Barton's work in Dansville, New York, in 1866 when she passed through to lecture there, and in 1876-1886, when she maintained a "Country Residence" in the area.

Clara Barton Surmounts The Faithlessness Of Union Officers
An excerpt from Clara Barton's war diary.

Clara Barton National Historic Site
From the National Park Service, a description of the Glen Echo, Maryland, house where Barton organized and directed the American Red Cross efforts. Hours, history of the park, and related information.

Clara Barton (Memory)
Description of two Barton-related objects held in the Library of Congress: a tintype from about 1862 and a page from her notebook, 1864, about the battle at Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Discovered Historical Documents
In 1997, a National Park Service historian, Gary Scott, discovered boxes of papers in a building scheduled to be demolished. These papers turned out to be records from Barton's efforts to document the fate of missing soldiers after the American Civil War.

Johnstowne, Pennsylvania, 1889
Image of and some background about the destructive flood of May, 1889, where more than two thousand people died, and Clara Barton and other volunteers helped with relief efforts.

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