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Photographs of Female Astronaut Sally Ride


Sally Ride, the first woman American woman in space, is featured in this photo gallery showing her in her groundbreaking role as a female astronaut.
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NASA official portrait of female astronaut Sally Ride.Sally RideA photograph of astronaut Sally Ride as a candidate for the astronaut program, 1979.Sally RideAstronaut Sally Ride at the CapCom console during STS-2 simulationSally RideAstronauts Sally Ride and Terry Hart prepare for RMS training for STS-2, 1981.Sally Ride
Mission Specialist/Astronaut Sally Ride goes over post-flight data STS-3 04.14.1982Sally RideSally Ride and Frederick Hauck go over procedures with the RMS.Sally RideSally Ride among the crew of STS-7, in an official crew portrait.Sally Ride Astronaut Sally K. Ride responds to interview question - 05.25.1983Sally Ride
STS-7 crew training in the SMS in seats they will occupy in launch and landing.Sally RideSally Ride and STS-7 Crew Training in the Shuttle Mission SimulatorSally RideSally Ride, training for STS-7 missionSally RideAstronaut Sally K. Ride participates in a mission sequence test for STS-7, 1983Sally Ride
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