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Women in Space - Female Astronauts and Cosmonauts

Astronauts and cosmonauts, and a few who would have been if the world had been different for women.
  1. Eileen Collins (4)
  2. More NASA Female Astronauts (33)
  3. Women in Astronomy
  4. Mae Jemison (8)

Women in Space - Timeline
A chronology of women in space - timeline of famous firsts for women astronauts, cosmonauts, space shuttle pilots and commanders, and more.

Women Astronauts - Pictures
Photographs of women astronauts, women who have flown in space.

Jerrie Cobb
Jerrie Cobb, a woman pilot, was the first woman to pass NASA astronaut training tests. Why she did not become an astronaut is a story of its time.

About Christa McAuliffe
America's first "teacher in space" died in 1986 in the tragic explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. Read her biography here, find pictures here and on the Net, and find links to many other resources about this famous civilian astronaut.

Sally Ride
Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. An astrophysicist, she was also part of investigating the Challenger explosion.

Sally Ride Picture Gallery
Photo gallery of Sally Ride, first American woman in space.

Sally Ride and Kathyrn Sullivan in Space
Color photo of astronauts Sally Ride and Kathryn Sullivan in space, showing the sleep restraint used on the space shuttle.

Mercury 13 - First Lady Astronaut Trainees (FLATs)
Nick Greene, About.com's Guide to Space and Astronomy, tells the sad story of the Mercury 13 astronaut trainees: women who were selected for the astronaut program, then let go just because they were women.

Judith Resnick
An engineer, Judith Resnick flew on several shuttle missions -- including the maiden flight of Discovery -- before her role as a mission specialist aboard the Challenger in 1986. Resnick was one of the seven crew members, including two women, killed in that explosion. Nick Greene, About's Guide to Space, profiles Judith Resnick.

Valentina Tereshkova
About Space/Astronomy Guide has a profile of "The First Woman in Space."

Kalpana Chawla
India-born astronaut selected in 1994, Kalpana Chawla first flew a mission in 1997.

Laurel Blair Salton Clark
Dr. Clark (an M.D.) was a Naval officer who joined the astronaut program in 1996.

Cosmonauts Tereshkova and Kuznetsova
Highlighting Soviet Cosmonauts Tatiana Kuznetsova and Valentina Tereshkova, selected in 1962. Tereshkova became the first woman to fly in space in 1963.

Mercury 13
Did you know that NASA selected, tested and trained thirteen women to be astronauts? A change to the rules (where have we heard that line before?) disqualified them all.

Judith Resnik
Judith Resnik, NASA astronaut who died with the seven astronauts on the space shuttle Challenger in 1986, was an electrical engineer who was first selected as an astronaut candidate in 1978 and first flew as a mission specialist in 1984 on the maiden voyage of the Discovery. The Challenger, which also included civilian specialist Christa McAuliffe, a teacher, was Dr. Resnik's second mission.

Women of NASA
A long list of women who work for NASA, with links to official biographies. This list includes not just astronauts but other women who work with the space program -- in administration, as engineers, and in many other programs supporting NASA's work.

International Women's Air & Space Museum
Online home of International Women's Air & Space Museum, this site includes information about the museum and events at the museum, plus a few aviation and space information pages. The Museum is located at Burke Lakefront Airport, in Cleveland, Ohio.

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