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Women Pilots - Women in Aviation

Women in planes: record-breaking pilots in war and peace. Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman and more.
  1. Amelia Earhart (11)
  2. Anne Lindbergh
  3. WASP

Women in Aviation
A timeline of women pilots and other women in the air - chronology of female record holders.

Jerrie Cobb
Jerrie Cobb, a woman pilot, was the first woman to pass NASA astronaut training tests. Why she did not become an astronaut is a story of its time.

Bessie Coleman
Bessie Coleman - biography of the pioneer aviator, first black woman to fly a plane or earn a pilot's license.

Valentina Grizodubova
Valentina Grizodubova biography - facts about a Soviet woman pilot and world-record-holder, and a bit about the American women who recreated her flight in 1998.

Ruth Nichols
Ruth Nichols, woman aviator, held more than 35 records for women pilots. Read about her life and career in this biography.

Harriet Quimby
A biography of Harriet Quimby, the first woman licensed as a pilot in the United States. Quimby's flamboyant style added to her popularity as an exhibition flyer.

Juanita Pritchard Bailey
Juanita Pritchard Bailey, the "flying beautician," ran a beauty parlor to support her early flying adventures. In World War II she flew for the Civil Air Patrol, and later served as a ferry pilot delivering planes.

Bessie Coleman
Coleman, featured on a 32-cent US postage stamp, was not only the first woman to earn an International Aviation license but the first licensed black aviator.

International Women's Air & Space Museum
Online home of International Women's Air & Space Museum, this site includes information about the museum and events at the museum, plus a few aviation and space information pages. The Museum is located at Burke Lakefront Airport, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Amy Johnson
Well known British woman pilot, she was (among other achievements) the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. She died ferrying aircraft in WWII.

The organization, representing licensed women pilots worldwide, is named for its 99 charter members, including its first president, Amelia Earhart.

Women in Aviation
Kelli Grant outlines briefly the contributions of women to aviation history, from Blanche Scott in 1910 to Lt. Col. Eileen Marie Collins in 1995.

Women in Aviation: History
A student web project, with biographies of many women in aviation: pilots and astronauts.

Olive Ann Beech
Olive Ann Beech was a founder of Beech aircraft with her husband, and took control of the firm after her husband's death. With the help of her daughters, this exhibit was created that emphasizes how she was able to be seen as an executive in a man's world. This is a video presentation, so you'll see many of the objects in the exhibit.

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