1. Education

Asian American Women's History

Women of Asian background in the United States: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc.
  1. Patsy Mink

Iva Toguri D'Aquino - Tokyo Rose
About the woman convicted of treason for being "Tokyo Rose" and broadcasting propaganda to Allied troops during World War II -- and the subsequent successful efforts to win her pardon on the grounds of an unfair conviction.

Asian American Feminism
Print resources on Asian American feminism, today and in history.

Asian-American Women
A listing of mostly print resources on Asian American Women.

China Latina: Fabiana Chiu
The story of a woman of Chinese descent whose family lived in Peru, and who, with her parents, remigrated to the United States - thus giving her both an Asian-American heritage and a Latina heritage.

Geraldine Heng
Profile of Medieval and Women's Studies scholar Geraldine Heng.

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