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Women and Painting - Female Painters - Images of Women in Paintings

Women and painting: painters, images of women in famous (and not so famous) paintings, and other resources on women in art.
  1. Anne Killegrew
  2. Individual Women Artists
  3. Lucia Anguissola (2)
  4. Sofonisba Anguissola (7)
  5. Josefa Ayala (2)
  6. Mary Beale (4)
  7. Mary Cassatt (11)
  8. Lavinia Fontana (8)
  9. Fede Galizia (2)
  10. Giovanna Garzoni (4)
  11. Artemisia Gentileschi (9)
  12. Frida Kahlo (4)
  13. Esther Kello (1)
  14. Judith Leyster (12)
  15. Barbara Longhi (3)
  16. Diana Mantovana (3)
  17. Louise Moillon (4)
  18. Berthe Morisot (6)
  19. Clara Peeters (6)
  20. Teresa del Po (2)
  21. Properzia de Rossi (2)
  22. Rachel Ruysch (9)
  23. Elisabetta Sirani (5)
  24. Dorothea Tanning (3)
  25. Levina Teerlinc (0)
  26. Marietta Robusti Tintoretto (4)
  27. Catharina van Hemessen (5)
  28. Maria van Oosterwyck (5)

Books on Women Artists

Women Artists: Renaissance and Baroque Painters
On this site: an overview of women painters of the 16th-17th centuries, including a list of many of the female painters of the period.

Women Artists - Self Portraits
An image gallery of paintings of women artists depicting themselves in self portraits.

Susan Eakins
A biography of Susan Eakins, painter and photographer.

Hannah Höch
Hannah Hoch biography - a profile of German artist Hannah Höch, including links to more information.

Lady Li
A Chinese artist credited with inventing a method of bamboo painting.

Miriam Schapiro
Miriam Schapiro was a pioneer of Feminist Art.

Elizabeth Vigee LeBrun's self-portraits and portraits of French notables especially Marie Antoinette brought her success in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, even though the French Revolution led to her exile for some years from her native land.

Martha Wheeler Baxter: The Black Fan
Watercolor portrait by Martha Wheeler Baxter, early 20th century.

Rosa Bonheur: The Horse Fair
Oil painting by Rosa Bonheur, 1853, now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Natalia Goncharova
Paintings in several media by Russian artist Natalia Goncharova, all about 1909-1913. "Annunciation," "Haycutting," "Green Forest," "Portrait of Larionov," and "The Cyclist."

Georgia O'Keeffe: Biography, Images
A graphically beautiful site, befitting the subject. The biography is laid out with images from O'Keeffe's artwork along side. Don't miss the cute animated icon at the bottom of most pages!

Georgia O'Keeffe
Watercolors and oils from Georgia O'Keeffe, each with information about the work and magnified versions of the images.

Elisabetta Sirani
Seventeenth century Italian painter of "supreme quality."

Bridget Riley
Two Op Art pieces by Bridget Riley, 1964 and 1978.

Soraida's Verdadism Gallery
Puerto Rican woman painter and activist presents her artwork and philosophy. Includes paintings like What Prejudice Looks Like and One Day I Found A Lump In My Breast.

Wall painting, Pompeii
Wall painting depicts women of Pompeii. Unknown artist.

Henriette Wyeth
Bringing her out from under the shadow of her brother, Andrew, the Women's International Center awarded Wyeth their Living Legacy award. This page sketches her life and work.

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