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Visual Arts and Artists

Visual arts and artists in women's history -- notable contributions and achievements of women, plus ways in which art and artists have represented women in art through history.
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  9. Feminist Art (6)

Women Artists of the Sixteenth Century: Renaissance and Baroque
As Renaissance humanism opened up individual opportunities for education, growth, and achievement, a few women transcended gender role expectations.

Women Artists of the Seventeenth Century: Renaissance and Baroque
Some of these women learned to paint in their fathers' workshops and others were noble women whose advantages in life included the ability to learn and practice the arts.

Women Artists: Posters & Prints
Great artists include a number of women, many of whom should be better known than they are. Madonna decorates her home with art by female art deco artist Tamara De Lempicka -- you can find prints and posters of this and many other artists online.

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