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Susan B. Anthony: Index of Resources

Susan B. Anthony, leading suffragist (suffragette) in America, helping win the vote for women. Articles, resources, biographies, writings, and more. Mother of the woman suffrage movement, and the woman on the dollar coin.
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What You Need to Know About Susan B. Anthony
Susan B. Anthony - what you need to know about Susan B. Anthony, women's suffrage foremother.

Susan B. Anthony
A biography of Susan B Anthony, a leader in the women's rights movement of the 19th century. Susan B Anthony was the best known speaker and organizer for woman suffrage in that phase of the campaign, though she died before the vote was won.

Susan B. Anthony Pictures
Pictures of Susan B. Anthony, woman suffrage pioneer.

Susan B. Anthony Obituary
Susan B. Anthony died in 1906 - here's her obituary from the New York Times. As a summary of her life from the perspective of her own times, it's a useful document for understanding not only Susan B. Anthony, but the world in which she lived.

Harriet Townsend on Susan B. Anthony - 1916
1916 biographical sketch of Anthony, giving a sense of how her work and life were evaluated even before the vote was finally won.

Books by or about Susan B. Anthony
Books currently in print and available.  Some are biographies of Anthony, othera are reprints of Anthony's own writing.

Not For Ourselves Alone
A review of the Ken Burns miniseries on the relationship of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton that helped sustain them in their struggle to win the vote for women.

United States v. Susan B. Anthony - 1873
When Susan B. Anthony voted in 1871, she was arrested, tried, and convicted in this test of women's citizenship rights.

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