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Women in Ancient Greece

Women in ancient Greece: ordinary and extraordinary women's lives.
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Agnodice - Woman Doctor of Classical Greece
A profile of Agnodice, gynecologist in Athens in the 4th century BCE.

In the 5th century B.C.E., Artemisia, queen of Halicarnassus, helped Xerxes against the Greeks, then helped talk Xerxes out of pursuing his conquest of Greece. Biography from your About.com Guide to Women's History.

Hypatia of Alexandria
Philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, she headed up a Neoplatonic School, part of the Museum of Alexandria, Egypt. Her students were pagan and Christian young men from around the empire. She was killed by a mob of Christians in 415, probably inflamed by the bishop of Alexandria, Cyril.

Olympias was the mother of Alexander the Great. She ruled as regent for her grandson while trying to defeat a rival claimant.

Gorgo of Sparta
Gorgo was the daughter of one king and wife of the next Agiad king of Sparta and was renowned for wisdom. From N.S. Gill, Guide to Ancient History for About.com.

Hipparchia - The World's First Liberated Woman
Article by Maria Jamil Fasolo on an ancient Greek philosopher who argued for women's rights.

Medea - Poisonous Mother
The worst of mothers? Medea sided with the Argonauts in capturing the Golden Fleece, herself escaping with Jason and living with him, bearing his children. But when he abandoned her for another wife, she took terrible revenge.

Telesilla of Argos
A woman writer in the 5th century B.C.E, she is also said to have armed the Argive women against Sparta. By N. S. Gill, About's Ancient History Guide.

Women in Archaic Greece
About.com's Guide to Ancient History N.S. Gill on what we know of women in the archaic age of Greece.

Legal Status in the Greek World
A selection of primary sources from the 5th century BCE to the 1st century CE, showing how laws treated women on issues such as education.

The Lot of Women: Procne
Sophocles has the character Procne decry women's lot in ancient Greece.

Religion and Women in Greece and Rome
Collection of documents showing the way religion affected women's lives in ancient Greece and Rome.

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