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African American Women's Organizations

Women's Clubs and other organizations formed by black women in the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.
  1. African American Women
  2. Women's Organizations
  3. Natl Council of Negro Women (6)

Combahee River Collective
The Combahee River Collective, first meeting in 1974, was a black feminist group based on Boston that was "committed to fighting race, sex, and class oppression" and that also, quite early, took on homophobia in society and in both the women's movement and the black liberation movement.

National Black Feminist Organization (NBFO)
The National Black Feminist Organization was founded to address the dual oppression of black women: sexism and racism. The organization, after an energetic beginning, quickly fizzled out. What happened?

Mary White Ovington Biography
Mary White Ovington, originally inspired to focus on racial justice work by Booker T. Washington, later worked closely for decades with Washington's rival in leadership and direction of the equality movement, W.E.B. Du Bois. She was a key founder, with William English Walling and Dr. Henry Moskowitz, of the NAACP.

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