1. Education

African American Women: 1950-1999

Contributions of black women to America, from the 1950s through the 1990s. Civil rights, black women's liberation, more.
  1. Marian Anderson
  2. Marian Wright Edelman
  3. Charlayne Hunter-Gault
  4. Wilma Rudolph
  5. Oprah Winfrey
  6. Angela Davis (4)
  7. Rosa Parks (12)
  8. Civil Rights (19)

Willie Barrow
Willie B. Barrow biography - about Willie Barrow, woman minister, civil rights activist, and Operation PUSH leader.

Marjorie Lee Browne
Marjorie Lee Browne was one of the first black women to receive a doctorate in mathematics

Combahee River Collective
The Combahee River Collective began in 1974, organized by black feminists to clarify the politics of women of color.

Althea Gibson
Biography of the first black tennis player (of either sex) to compete at or win at Wimbleton.

Althea Gibson Picture Gallery
Althea Gibson picture gallery, showing the tennis great in photos from newspapers and by the photographer Carl Van Vechten.

Anna Arnold Hedgeman
Anna Arnold Hedgeman was an important activist for civil rights, education, feminism and other important causes. Read about Anna Arnold Hedgeman, who was there for pivotal moments of 1960s U.S. history, including the founding of NOW and the March on Washington.

Barbara Jordan
A biography of Barbara Jordan, lawyer and politician who served in the Texas legislator and US House of Representatives before teaching government at the University of Texas.

Barbara Jordan Quotes
Quotes by Barbara Jordan, member of Congress and educator.

Florynce Kennedy Quotes
Quotes by Florynce Kennedy - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Audre Lorde Quotes
Quotes by Audre Lorde, who called herself a black-lesbian mother love poet.

Essential Feminist Books By Audre Lorde
The feminist poet Audre Lorde's books include poetry, memoir and powerful explorations of identity.

Ntozake Shange Quotes
Quotes by Ntozake Shange - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Nina Simone
Read about Nina Simone, singer and activist who lived outside the United States in reaction to the racism of her native land.

Nina Simone
Nina Simone was a classically trained pianist whose singing mixed genres of classical music, jazz, blues and soul -- and her music and outspoken ideas on American racism reflected and became part of civil rights and black power history. Several of her songs, including her cover of Sinatra's "My Way," became feminist classics as well.

Alice Walker
A biography, book list and lots of web resources on this writer, poet and womanist/activist. From your About Guide to Women's History.

Faye Wattleton Biography
A profile of Faye Wattleton of the Planned Parenthood Federation and Center for the Advancement of Women.

Legends: Oprah Honored African American Women
Images of some of the legendary African American women Oprah Winfrey honored with a lavish 2005 ball.

Cicely Tyson Quotes
Some choice words from African American actress Cicely Tyson, who has often played roles of notable black women of history.

Faye Wattleton Quotes
The first African American president of Planned Parenthood nationally, Faye Wattleton's defense of reproductive freedom is reflected in these quotes.

A Senate Apology for History on Lynching
Washington Post article from 2005 details efforts at that time by the US Senate apologizing for its failure to act on federal anti-lynching legislation, 105 years after the first such bill was introduced.

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