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Abortion and Reproductive Rights History

Reproductive rights: Resources for studying the history of women's control of their reproduction, including contraception and birth control, abortion and the controversy about abortion, and forced sterilization.
  1. Birth Control Movement
  2. Abortion - Global Issues (2)
  3. Abortion and Religion (2)
  4. Abortion Law (12)
  5. Abortion: United States (17)
  6. Prochoice Perspective (5)
  7. Prolife Perspective (3)

Abortion Controversy History - US
From your About Guide, a brief outline of the key events in the US abortion controversy.

Abortion in the Ancient and Premodern World
The practice of menstrual regulation or abortion is ancient. Traditional methods have been handed down for hundreds of generations and herbal and other methods have roots in the distant past.

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