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Sex Discrimination in Employment - Women's Job Rights

Articles on employment rights, job discrimination, work-related women's rights and more.
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Comparable Worth - Pay Equity
Brief history and description of the concept of comparable worth: equal pay for work of equal value. From Jone Johnson Lewis.

glass ceiling
Glossary entry for glass ceiling, part of a women's history glossary from womenshistory.about.com

NOW Task Force on Equal Opportunity of Employment
The Task Force on Equal Opportunity of Employment was one of NOW's first important task forces. The founders of NOW fought tirelessly for equal opportunity of employment.

Pink-Collar Ghetto
What is the pink-collar ghetto? Some theorists argue that women in the workplace are stuck in a pink-collar ghetto.

Specific Bills for Specific Ills
What does "specific bills for specific ills" mean? Do specific bills for specific ills solve discrimination problems better than an Equal Rights Amendment?

Support the Equal Pay Act
Did all women support the Equal Pay Act of 1963? Find out why some workers and union leaders didn't, and why Caroline Davis argued they should support the Equal Pay Act.

When Was the First EEOC Ruling About Flight Attendants?
When was the first EEOC ruling about female flight attendants? Read about the 1960s stewardesses' early efforts to end sex discrimination against women who worked as flight attendants.

Ending Female-Only Flight Attendant Policies
What did the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission say about female flight attendants in 1968? Read about the long awaited EEOC decision regarding hiring only female flight attendants.

Was Being Female a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification for Flight Attendants?
During the 1960s, female flight attendants alleged sex discrimination and the airlines argued that being female was a legitimate job requirement. Read about the EEOC's rulings regarding female flight attendants.

Comparable Worth: Real, False Dilemmas
Published in 1984, this article by Jo Freeman details the controversy over "equal pay for work of equal value," especially the labor movement's reaction.

False Assumptions Freeze Women From Job Market
Jo Freeman in 1979 analyzes typical excuses for women's economic position -- primarily about traditional roles and family structure -- and whether those reasons explain the economic differences adequately.

Man's Place
Panel for the NY Times Magazine analyze working women's situation and women's role in the economy. Millennium feature.

Plight of Women's Work
Curriculum on women in the Industrial Revolution in England and Wales: includes testimony to Parliamentary commissions, illustrations, workforce chart.

Shall Women Be Equal Before the Law?
Elsie Hill and Florence Kelley wrote this 1922 article for The Nation, only two years after the winning of women's vote. They document on behalf of the National Woman's Party the status of women under the law at that time in various states, and propose, also on behalf of the National Woman's Party, a detailed Constitutional Amendment which they believed would remedy the inequalities while preserving appropriate protections for women under the law.

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