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Mary Todd Lincoln: First Lady

Mary Lincoln: wife of 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, she served as First Lady from 1861 until his death in 1865.

Mary Todd Lincoln Portrait
A portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln, part of a larger gallery of portraits of American First Ladies.

Mary Todd Lincoln
A special slant on her image during the Civil War: suspected by both North (as treasonous) and South (as traitor).

Biography on the official White House website.

Resources (mostly print) from www.firstladies.org - the National First Ladies Library.

Mary Todd Lincoln Research Site
Many resources, from a brief summary for students, to photographs, rumors, etc.

Personal Mourning
Mary Todd Lincoln's mourning scarf pin is included in this online exhibit on the American Presidency, from the Smithsonian.

Portrait (Library of Congress)
Photograph, taken between 1860 and 1865.

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