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Abigail Adams: First Lady

Abigail Adams (Abigail Smith Adams), First Lady 1797-1801, wife of John Adams, second President of the United States.

About Abigail Adams
Although the title was not yet used, Abigail Adams, as wife of the second president John Adams, was the second First Lady. She was also the mother of a later president, John Quincy Adams.

Abigail Adams Quotations
Notable quotes from the second U.S. First Lady, including her well-known line, "Remember the Ladies."

Abigail Adams Portraits
Find some familiar images of Abigail Adams, wife of the second US president -- and some images that may not be as familiar. Some portraits are from life, and some are later artists conceptions.

Abigail Adams Portrait
Black and white rendering of the Gilbert Stuart portrait of Abigail Adams, First Lady. Also: detail from that portrait.

Abigail Adams Smith Museum
This museum, named for the wife of America's second President, shows hotel life in the 19th century, when midtown Manhattan was a rural escape and scene of country homes.

Abigail Adams' Letter to Her Husband, 1774
This letter (with text and facsimile) shows her attitude towards the institution of slavery.

Abigail Adams
Biography of Abigail Smith Adams from the White House web site.

Abigail Adams
A Gale Group biography.

Abigail Adams
Biography of Abigail Adams from the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society, written by Laurie Carter Noble. Includes illustrations and a short bibliography.

Abigail Smith Adams
Biography from the Massachusetts Historical Society, part of a site focusing on the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Abigail Adams: Burial
Page -- with illustrations -- documents where Abigail Adams was buried.

Resources (mostly print) from www.firstladies.org - the National First Ladies Library.

Bibliography: John Adams and Abigail Adams
Paul Reuben's "Perspectives in American Literature" Guide includes extensive bibliography of primary and secondary works.

Gilbert Stuart Portrait of Abigail Smith Adams
Painted between 1800 and 1815, the Gilbert Smith portrait of Abigail is perhaps the best-known image of her.

Jefferson's Letter to Abigail Adams, 1785
Text of a letter from Thomas Jefferson, which among other things, says "I pray you to observe that I have used the term _people_ and that this is a noun of the masculine as well as feminine gender."

Letters of Abigail Adams
Frequently cited as early writings promoting women's rights -- "Remember the ladies!" -- these letters between John and Abigail Adams also illustrate their close relationship.

Portrait: Library of Congress
A black and white version of the Gilbert Stuart portrait of Abigail Adams, from the Library of Congress in a copyright-free version of the image.

United First Parish Church, Quincy, Massachusetts
The history of the church and congregation, site of the tombs of John Adams, Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams and Louisa Adams.

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