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November 26

This Day in Women's History


1504: Isabella I of Castile and Aragon died

1792: Sarah Moore Grimké born (reformer)

1822: Lilly Martin Spencer born (painter)

1827: Ellen Gould Harmon White born (religious leader, co-founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church)

1832: Mary Edwards Walker born (physician, reformer, Civil War nurse and physician)

1858: Blessed Katharine Drexel born (religious, canonized 2000)

1867: Mrs. Lily Maxwell becomes first woman to vote in a British parliamentary election - women's suffrage later declared illegal

1883: Sojourner Truth died (abolitionist, suffragist)

1992: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II announces that she will pay income taxes, giving up the monarchy's exemption from such taxes (story)

    Quote for Today

    What are we educating women for? To raise the question is to face the whole problem of women's role in society. We are uncertain about the end of women's education precisely because the status of women in our society is fraught with contradictions and confusions.

    — Mirra Komarovsky


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