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August 7

This Day in Women's History


    1813: Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis born (reformer: women's rights, abolition)

    1821: Queen Caroline, who, as Caroline of Brunswick, married her cousin George IV, died, ending her claim to rights as Queen of England and George's attempt to declare their marriage void.

    1848/1850?: Alice James born (journal writer, sister of William James and Henry James)

    1864: Ellen Pendleton born (educator, college president)

    1865: Bessie Locke born (educator: kindergartens)

    1876: Mata Hari born (spy, dancer)

    1890: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn born (reformer, radical, labor organizer: IWW)

    1938: Helen Caldicott born (physician, peace and anti-nuclear activist)

    1947: Lydia Villa-Komaroff born (molecular biologist)

Quote for Today

    The silk worker for instance may make beautiful things, fine shimmering silk. When it is hung up in the window of Altman's or Macy's or Wanamaker's it looks beautiful. But the silk worker never gets a chance to use a single yard of it. And the producing of the beautiful thing instead of being a pleasure is instead a constant aggravation to the silk worker. They make a beautiful thing in the shop and then they come home to poverty, misery, and hardship. They wear a cotton dress while they are weaving the beautiful silk for some demi monde in New York to wear. -- Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

    There is not a child in the world, I don't think, who doesn't begin as a scientist. -- Lydia Villa-Komaroff

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