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June 7

This Day in Women's History


421: Aelia Eudocia married the Emperor Theodosius II at Constantinopole

1394: Anne of Bohemia died: queen consort of Richard II of England

1662: Celia Fiennes born: travel writer

1757: Georgia Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, born: social and political figure, subject of Gainsborough painting involved in notorious theft in 1876; aunt of Lady Caroline Lamb, ancestor of Sarah (1959 - ), Duchess of York, and great-great-grandaunt of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961 - 1997)

1813?: Cornelia Wells Walter born: journalist

1831: Amelia Edwards born: Egyptologist, writer

1840: only daughter of Leopold I of Belgium born, later to become the Empress Carlotta (Carlota) of Mexico

1843: Susan Elizabeth Blow born: educator, kindergarten educator

1861: Alice Hubbard born: writer, freethinker; died in the sinking of the Lusitania, 1915

1870 (or 1868 or 1876): Alice Nielsen born: singer

1876: Anna Oliver received B.D. from the Boston University of Theology, the first US woman to receive such a degree

1876: Alice Nelsen born: singer who founded an opera company

1896: Vivien Kellems born: industrialist

1899: Maude Elizabeth Frazier Kee born: served as member of US House of Representatives from West Virginia, 1951 - 1965

1899: Elizabeth Bowen born: writer

1899: Carrie Nation shut down a saloon in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, beginning her well-publicized career as a saloon-smasher in the name of temperance

1909: Virginia Apgar born: physician, originator of the Apgar Score System for newborns

1909: Jessica Tandy born: actress

1909: Mary Pickford appears in her first film

1917: Gwendolyn Brooks born: poet, Pulitzer Prize winner, Poet Laureate of Illinois (1968)

1921: Dorothy Ruth born: daughter of Babe Ruth who discovered at age 59 that Helen Ruth, wife of Babe Ruth, was not her real mother; her mother was Juanita Jennings, a mistress of Babe Ruth

1937: Jean Harlow died, age 26, of renal failure: actress, "blond bombshell"

1943: Nikki Giovani born: writer, educator, activist

1954: Louise Erdrich born: writer

1962: Janice Lawrence Braxton born: basketball player, coach

1965: Judy Holliday died, age 43, of breast cancer: actress who won Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Born Yesterday and who was blacklisted from radio and television (but not film) in the 1950s

1967: Dorothy Parker died: poet, writer, wit

1968: Women sewing machinists at Ford Motor Co. in Daganham, Essex, walked out, leading eventually to the 1970 Equal Pay Act: The 1968 Dagenham Women's Strike

1977: Queen Elizabeth II celebrated Silver Jubilee

Quote for Today

Nobody, but nobody, is going to stop breathing on me.

-- Virginia Apgar

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