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March 23

This Day in Women's History


Margaret of Anjou

Illustration depicting Margaret of Anjou, queen of Henry VI of England

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1430: Margaret of Anjou born: wife of King Henry VI of England; queen consort of England; figure in the Wars of the Roses

1732: Princess Marie Adélaïde of France born: daughter of King Louis XV of France and his queen consort, Maria Leszczyńska; she remained unmarried, as did two of her sisters, rather than marry someone who was not her royal equal

1775: Anne Catherine Hoof Green died: printer, publisher of the Maryland Gazette and official printer for the colony of Maryland

1830: Sarah Elizabeth Doyle born: educator

1857: Fannie M. Farmer born: cookbook author

1882: Emmy Noether born: German Jewish mathematician

1884: Florence Ellinwood Allen born: musician, lawyer, judge, suffrage activist

1897: Edith Lowry born: directed program for Protestant interdenominational ministry to migrant agricultural workers

1897: Margaret Farrar born: crossword puzzle editor

1899: Dora Gerson born: singer and actress, murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp

1904: Joan Crawford born: actress

1924: Bette Nesmith Graham born: typist, artist, invented Liquid Paper; mother of Michael Nesmith, musician

1926: Martha Wright born: singer, played Nellie Forbisch in South Pacific for 1,080 performances, after Mary Martin made the role famous

1948: Marie Malavoy born: politician

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