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March 22

This Day in Women's History


Michelle Kwan - March 2003

Michelle Kwan competing in the Ladies Short Program at the World Figure Skating Championships, March, 2003.

Getty Images / Doug Pensinger

1638: Anne Hutchinson banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for her religious teachings

1837: Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglioni, born: mistress of Emperor Napoleon III of France, photography artist

1862: Laura Jean Libbey born: writer

1883: Jessie Ethel Sampter born: poet, educator, pacifist, reformer, Zionist

1892: Grace Longwell Coyle born: social work educator, key to development of group work

1899: Ruth Page born: dancer, ballerina, choreographer

1934: May Britt born: actress

1955: Lena Olin born: actress

1972: Equal Rights Amendment sent by the U.S. Congress to the states for ratification

1997: Tara Lipinski won gold medal at women's figure skating championships over expected winner Michelle Kwan

2001: Equal Rights Amendment re-introduced in the U.S. Congress

Christian Feast Days: Saint Lea (3rd century prioress); Darerca of Ireland (4th century church founder and mother of saints)

Quote for Today

The price of running for the Senate today is spending more time than you'd like to spend asking people for more money than they'd like to give.

- Harriett Woods 1986

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