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March 8

This Day in Women's History


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International Women's Day

1702: Queen Anne, the last Stuart monarch, ascended to the British throne

1783: Hannah Hoes Van Buren born

1824: Emily Elizabeth Parsons born

1828: Catherine Lorillard Wolfe born

1856: Mary Wright Plummer born

1857: women workers in New York City strike for higher wages, shorter hours, and better working conditions

1886: Alice Throckmorton McLean born

1923: Lydia Rapoport born

1943: Lynn Redgrave-Clark born

1945: Phyliss M Daley sworn in as navy ensign, the first black nurse to achieve that office

1945: first celebration of International Women's Day as such

    Quote for Today

    He might have been happier with a wife who was completely uncritical. That I was never able to be, and he had to find it in other people. Nevertheless, I think I sometimes acted as a spur, even though the spurring was not always wanted or welcome. I was one of those who served his purposes.

    Eleanor Roosevelt
    speaking of her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt

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