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January 26

This Day in Women's History


    946: Edith of England (Eadgyth of England) died

    1826: Julia Dent Grant born (First Lady)

    1831: Mary Mapes Dodge born

    1833: Elisabet Ney born

    1872: Julia Morgan born

    1893: Bessie Coleman born

    1893: Wu Yi Fang born

    1905: Maria Von Trapp born

    1933: Angela Davis born

    1966: Dame Annabelle Rankin was appointed Minister for Housing, becoming the first woman to be appointed to a cabinet position in Australia

    1972: Flight attendant Vesna Vulovic survived a 10,000 meter fall from an airplane -- without a parachute

    1980: Mary Decker Slaney ran the mile in under 4 minutes

    1998: U.S. President Clinton denied having an affair with Monica Lewinsky in 1995 when she was a White House intern

    2000: The Thomas Jefferson National Foundation, which owns and manages Jefferson's home in Virginia, acknowledged publicly that Jefferson was probably the father of at least one of the chilren of his slave, Sally Heming.

    Saint's Day: Paula

Quote for Today

    Woman. I understand the word itself, in that sense, has gone out of the language. Where we talk of woman . . . you talk of women, and all the difference lies therein.

    Isak Dineson, in "The Old Chevalier"

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