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Sally Ride - Women's History - About.com
Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. An astrophysicist, she was also part of investigating the Challenger explosion.
Sally Ride Pictures - Sally Ride in Shuttle Flight Suit - Women's History
Portrait view of Astronaut Sally K. Ride, mission specialist for STS-7, standing outside of the Shuttle Mission Simulator (SMS). She is wearing the shuttle blue ...
Sally Ride Pictures - Photographs of Sally Ride, Female Astronaut
Photo gallery of Sally Ride, first American woman in space.
Biography of Doctor Sally Ride, Astronaut - Space and Astronomy
Biography of Doctor Sally Ride, NASA astronaut and the first American woman in space. Tennis's loss was a boon to the rest of the world as Sally Ride quit her ...
Sally Ride - the First American Woman in Space - 20th Century History
Sally Ride made history when she became the first American woman in space on June 18, 1983. Find out how she was chosen, her training, her role on board ...
Sally Ride Pictures - Challenger Investigation Photos
Sally Ride in the Presidential commission investigating the Challenger accident at the Kennedy Space Center.
Sally Ride and Kathryn Sullivan on Space Shuttle - Women's History
Astronauts Kathryn D. Sullivan, left, and Sally K. Ride display a "bag of worms." The "bag" is a sleep restraint and the majority of the "worms" are springs and ...
Sally Ride Pictures - Official Nasa Portrait
Official NASA portrait of Sally Ride, first American woman in space.
Sally Ride Picture - Astronaut Candidate Sally Ride - Women's History
Picture of Sally Ride, astronaut candidate, 1979. ... A photograph of astronaut Sally Ride as a candidate for the astronaut program, 1979. Astronaut Candidate ...
Sally Ride and the Crew of STS-7 - Official Portrait - Women's History
Photo gallery of Sally Ride, first American woman in space.
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