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Woman Suffrage March in Pictures - March 3, 1913 - Women's History
On March 3, 1913, the National American Woman Suffrage Association - NAWSA - sponsored a woman suffrage parade and demonstration in Washington, DC, ...
Abortion on Demand: A Second Wave Feminist Demand
Abortion Protest March - Peter Keegan / Getty Images. Photograph from an abortion protest march in New York City, 1977. Peter Keegan / Getty Images.
Abortion Reform vs Repeal - Women's History - About.com
Abortion Protest March - Peter Keegan / Getty Images. Photograph from an abortion protest march in New York City, 1977. Peter Keegan / Getty Images.
Vietnam Anti-War Protest | Washington DC 1967 - Asian History
Veterans march against the Vietnam War, Washington D.C. (1967)
Coxey's Army: 1894 March of Unemployed Workers
Coxey's Army was an 1894 protest march to Washington, D.C. organized by businessman Jacob S. Coxey as a response to the severe economic hardship ...
Anti-war protest songs of the 60s and 70s - Classic Rock - About.com
Many of the anti-war protest songs that emerged from that period remain current ... and were an integral part of virtually ever anti-war protest march and rally.
NYC Dyke March - Information About New York City's Dyke March
As a protest march and not a parade, there's no city permit involved, so a cadre of trained lesbian marshals leads the thousands of participants down Fifth ...
Anti-Goverment Protest - Washington, DC - About.com
Anti-Goverment Protest - March to the Capitol. ... Potomac River · Gun Control Rally - Washington DC · Tea Party Protest Pictures - Washington DC · Washington, ...
The March on Washington - African-American History - About.com
The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom is credited with pushing the Civil ... event, which was considered the largest public protest in American history .
Protest Photography - About.com
People creating signs or handing out flyers before the protest are wonderful ways to set up the story. If there is a march then photograph the beginnings of the ...
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