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What Is Radical Feminism? - Women's History - About.com
A definition and description of radical feminism from the perspective of women's history.
Liberal Feminism - Women's History Definition
In 1983, Alison Jaggar published Feminist Politics and Human Nature where she defined four theories related to feminism: liberal feminism, Marxism, radical ...
Types of Feminism - Women's History - About.com
Feminism -- a word used since the 1880s in France and 1890s in English -- has meant different things to different people, and different parts of the larger feminist  ...
Feminism Definition - Civil LIberties
Although that's the sort of thing you see printed on t-shirts, it also happens to be an accurate and concise definition of what feminism is. Feminism, as a ...
History of Feminism in the United States - Civil Liberties - About.com
Technically speaking, I don't believe there has ever been a single united feminism. There have been multiple feminisms representing the efforts of women to live ...
Key Events of Feminism During the 1960s in the U.S.
This 1960s feminism timeline explores feminist history. Learn about key women's rights events with this 1960s feminism timeline.
Feminism of the 1960s and 1970s - Second Wave Feminism
As with any groundswell, the message of second-wave feminism spread widely and was sometimes diluted or distorted. Feminist beliefs also differed from city to  ...
History of Feminism - Women's History - About.com
When many think of the word "feminism" they think first of the feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s, sometimes called the Second Wave of Feminism.
Feminist Movement and Equal Rights for Women - Women's Issues
The fight for women's equality and the feminist movement have a long history with numerous players and participants. The freedoms and rights so many women ...
Readers Respond: Favorite Feminism Quotes - Women's History
Share your favorite quote by a woman on feminism. Please include the quote itself and the name of the person who said it. I'll check quotes to verify that they are ...
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