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Eleanor Gordon Quotes

Eleanor Gordon (1852 - 1942)
Assembled by Jone Johnson Lewis,
Your Guide to Women's History.
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Eleanor Elizabeth Gordon (October 10, 1852 - January 6, 1942) was a Unitarian minister in Iowa at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, part of a group of women ministers there called the "Iowa Sisterhood." She served as a partner minister to Mary Safford and as a solo minister. She also became involved in the women's suffrage movement, serving for a time as president of the Iowa Equal Suffrage Association. Near the end of her career, in 1912, she helped organize a church in Orlando, Florida.

Selected Eleanor Gordon Quotations

• Real sympathy with human life is the secret of the minister's success. When a young man or woman confides in me his or her desire to be a minister I always ask first: 'Do you like people?' If not, stay away until you do.

• The Liberal minister that will go ... and unite with the men and women who are waiting for such a leader to make life there beautiful, good and true; to make life pure, refined, humane; to reveal the inspiration of art, the marvel of music, the glory of literature; to lift men and women into the atmosphere of a rational religion and noble ethics — such a minister is doing the noblest work that can be given to a child of God to do.

[on being independent and not marrying] I had two hands, a brain of my own. No one should dictate as to ways and means.

• I could not forget with what bold horror many of these same Unitarian ministers looked at a woman who aspires to the sacred office. [about congratulations received from a male colleague upon her ordination]

[in 1937, about the post-World War I backlash against women's rights] Since the world war there has been a distinct trend in both the professional and industrial worlds . . . against woman's place in both. Positions of trust, authority, leadership, are being taken from her and given to men.

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