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Linda Chavez-Thompson Quotes

Women's Voices: Quotations by Women

• The face of labor is changing, and you can tell this by the mere fact that I am a woman ... and a woman of color.

• Right at the start, the populists believed that the ordinary people were the producers, the people who lived by the sweat of their brow, and the elite were the rich, the bankers and the speculators, who didn't do productive work but just lived off of everyone else's labor.

• We're determined to improve the lives of working people and their families-both those who are already union members and those who don't yet have a chance to join.

• Together, we can create a community where [all are] treated with dignity, regardless of their sex or skin color or orientation, regardless of whether their family came here on a slave ship or the Mayflower four hundred years ago or through Ellis Island at the turn of the century or from Central America last year.

• Our goal of improving the working and living standards of all workers overlaps with the goals of many other groups in society which do not define themselves by their workplace.

• We don't want unfair trade agreements. We want a social clause to be included in international trade treaties so that workers' human rights and union rights are protected in those countries we trade with.

• Day by day, we see with our own eyes that behind the glitter, behind the low inflation and full employment, and the stock market that keeps chugging along, there are millions of working people who still can't make enough money to feed their families and pay the rent.

• Why are communities willing to get involved in organizing struggles? One reason is that unions are the best way to close the widening income gap between the very wealthy and the rest of us. Union wages and benefits lift living standards for everyone in a community. They make paychecks for women and people of color more equal to those of white males. They create good jobs and generate purchasing power, which give local economies a boost and help develop a tax base to pay for public services, safety, libraries, and schools. They also give working families a way to make corporations act more responsibly-by paying a living wage, providing adequate health care and retirement benefits, and abiding by equal pay, job safety, and environmental laws.

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